Wednesday Rockcraft Workshop 4

The 4th edition of our weekly Online Wednesday Rockcraft Workshop kicked off with a quiz by Ben (SNR Rockcraft) focusing on Mechanical Advantage (MA) and load of hauling systems.

We then had Alex Motyka (RA 2nd Normanhurst Rovers) talk about his mountaineering trip to Denali. The talk offered us some very interesting insights into mountaineering trips and some of the challenges involved.

Followed by Shane Miller (VL Normanhurst Venturers) continuing our series of gear presentations with a talk on the Kong Oka.

Harry J E Day

Harry J.E Day is an abseil and canyoning Guide in the Sydney North Rockcraft Team. Harry has had a long Scouting career as a Youth member - starting out in 1st Gordon Cubs, before being booted as a 1st Turramurra Rover in November, 2020. Harry is currently the Assistant Abseil Co-ordiantor and Rockcraft Team Quartermaster.

Ben Power

Ben Power is a Abseil, Canyoning and Caving Guide with the Sydney North Rockcraft Team. He is the Region's Caving Co-ordinator and also runs rescue skills workshops.

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