So you’ve abseiled down a cliff face. How do you get back up? Well, one alternative would be to climb, and rock climbing lets you do just that.

For a weekend, the rock climbing team can take you to the Blue Mountains and show you all the tricks and skills you need to be a confident rock climber! Forget the indoor climbing gyms, this is real climbing at its best!

Who Can Do It?

Climbing in various settings and conditions is available to members of the Movement over the age of 8, through commercial climbing gyms, day activities, and weekend trips.

When Can I Do This? (Season, Day, Night, Weekend).

All year round, meeting nights, day trips, weekends.

Qualifications Required

For commercial climbing gyms no qualification is required by Scouts Australia. Outside climbing activities must be under the control of a Rockclimbing Guide.

The Rockclimbing Team can train people to levels:

  • Climber Safe Participant,
  • Climbing Trained Participant
  • Climbing Assistant Guide
  • Guide

Climber Safe Participant

Course Prerequisites
  • Venturer age or older;

Climbing Trained Participant

These training events are scheduled as required. Contact the Rock Climbing Co-ordinator for more information.

Course Prerequisites

Indoor Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is also available at the Barra Brui Activities Centre, St Ives and at a number of commercially operated centres who will usually give a discount for Scouts or Group bookings.

Rock Climbing Adventure Weekends

The Rock Climbing Team heads off several times a year on a weekend away in various locations rock climbing. All you have to do is bookin and come along.


1. If you wish to go rock climbing then you should complete the Basic Rockcraft event (see abseiling page).

2. Have attended a rock climbing information evening.


Rockclimbing Workshops cost $68 per participant.


  1. Pick the workshop you wish to attend.
  2. Click on the “Book Now” button to reserve your spot online..
  3. Register and complete your application. (Note registration needs to only be done once and can be used again to register for future events).
  4. Make your payment online to complete your registration.
  5. Closing dates for each workshop are beside the details above.

Who Can Help?

Tom (Turtle) Judge 0468 424 286 or Email –