NSW State Rally is an annual event held in August.

State Rally is focused on giving the attendees a memorable experience that is fun, challenging and embraces the Scout Method.

State Rally is a lightweight competition camp. The event provides activities that are:

  1. Challenging
  2. Are Award Scheme/Achievement Pathway focused
  3. Patrol System based

Participants will achieve points by completing fun-filled activities for their Patrol.  Activities are 30-40 minutes in duration, and may have multiple stages.  Patrol Leaders will also be scored on their Leadership capabilities.

Our Leaders are challenged to provide opportunities to Lead, Assist and Participate in their activities, offering development for all Scouts depending on what stage they are at in the Award Scheme/Achievement Pathways. All activities incorporate Plan>Do>Review.

The three RACs administer activities spread across Cataract Scout Park.  Each activity is provided by Leaders with support from Venturers, Rovers and other adult helpers.

All Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Adult Helpers are accommodated across the three sleeping RACs that are supported by welfare and Leader supervision.

State Rally provides an opportunity for Scouts and Leaders explore new ideas, meet new people and most of all have a fun and memorable experience.