If you are keen for some outdoor adventure and love the bush, then canyoning is for you.

Canyoning is a traverse through a river canyon, basic canyoning can be “walk-in, walk-out“ with more advanced canyons involving swimming, abseiling or climbing.

Who Can Do It?

Venturers, Rovers and Leaders

Canyoning Adventure Weekends

The Canyoning Team head off several times a year on a weekend away in the Blue Mountains canyoning. All you have to do is book in and come along.


  1. If you wish to go vertical canyoning then you should have some abseiling experience (confirmed by your Venturer Leader or Crew Leader).
  2. Have attended a canyoning information evening.

When Can I do This?

Late spring to early autumn depending on conditions. Day trips, weekends.

Qualifications Required:

Single Pitch Canyons – Activity must be under the control of a Canyon Guide or (where participants have a general Canyon Level 1 qualification) a Canyon Level 2.

Multi-Pitch Canyons – Activity must be under the control of a Canyon Guide.

The Canyoning Team is also more than happy to provide your Group with a Canyon Guide or two to attend your own Canyoning expedition if you do not hold appropriate qualifications.

The Canyoning Team can train people to levels:

  • Canyon Level 1 (allowing certificate holders to participate in other rock-based activities),
  • Canyon Level 2
  • Canyon Level 3
  • Canyon Guide

Canyon Level 1


Canyon Level 2



E1 Forms for Workshops

or contact Region Office at sn.region@nsw.scouts.com.au

Please note bookings close two weeks prior to workshop event.

Canyoning weekend adventure fee $50 per participant. An equipment hire fee will apply to other canyoning activities where Region equipment is used.


1. Pick the workshop you wish to attend.
2. Download the relevant E1 form.
3. Complete the E1 form and attach a cheque for $50 made out to “Scouts Australia” or Direct Deposit Payment (See Below)
4. Email E1 form to (click on link) – Sydney North Region Office
5. Direct Deposit Payment to –
     * Account Name – SSA, NSW Branch, Sydney North Region
     * BSB – 032-000     Account Number – 186745
     * Reference – SURNAME + COURSE NUMBER (see above)
6. Closing dates for each workshop are beside the details above.

Who Can Help Me?

Craig Stanfield  Ph  0413 006 281   Email Craig