A list of resources to help with programs and environment projects in the Sydney North Region.

Please email RC – Environment Kathy.jones@nsw.scouts.com.au to add to the list.

Online Programs

Special Interest Area – Environment

Citizen Science

Get involved in Citizen Science and become a Hoot Detective to help create the ‘Owl-gorithm’ for detecting different species of owls in our environment. Click the button below to get started.

For more information on Powerful Owls listen to these podcasts.

Why not design you own Special Interest Area Environment Project around Powerful Owls or other wildlife in you area? Go out and make observations, collect data and present a report to your Unit.

Powerful owl, Ninox strenua is Australia’s largest owl. It inhabits the east coast, active at night and roosts in daylight hours. Kathryn Diehm, Getty Images

Download the FrogID app, get outside to your local pond or creek and start recording the frogs! Frogs are an important indicator species for creek health and the more data that is recorded to identify frog species in an area, the better.

Image credit: Australian Museum FrogID Project

Useful Environment Websites

Historical Resources