Alpine activities are exciting, fun and challenging, but due to the potential dangers members must have suitably qualified people to suprevise the activity.

Sydney North Region’s Cross-Country Ski Team will be running a number of Cross-Country Ski and Snowcraft Adventures. There is also the opportunity to challenge yourself with Backcountry Snowboarding and Mountaincraft.

Who Can Do It?

These activities are most suitable to Venturers, Rovers and Leaders.

When Can I Do This?

Day trips and weekends, however snow trips are usually weekend or extended activities.

Cross Country Ski Adventure Weekends

Sydney North Region Snowcraft Workshops are conducted in accordance with NSW State Alpine Policy – Alpine Activities. It must be emphasised that these workshops are a significant risk activity. All of our Guides and Leaders are qualified and all participants in these courses must abide by the Alpine Policy as well as normal Scouting rules and regulations including all reasonable requests and instructions given by the training Leaders/Guides.

This Year’s Dates

SX1 – Basic Cross-Country Ski Adventure Weekend

This weekend involves basic cross-country ski training, perfect for those who have never skied cross-country before. Get up on your ski’s, learn to turn, stop and travel over the snow. Come and see the areas the downhill skiers don’t know exist. Adventure weekend booking fee is $25. Other expenses which you will need to bring money to pay for are transport, accommodation, ski hire, park entry and Saturday dinner. Estimate of these costs is $230. You bring a tent, sleeping bag, breakfasts, lunches and other personal gear.

Activity is suitable for Venturer age or older.

SX2 – Overnight Camping Ski Adventure Weekened

On this weekend adventure you will receive training in cross country skiing, camping and survival skills in alpine regions. Get out into the back country and see the beauty that is the alpine region in winter. Adventure weekend booking fee is $25. Other expenses which you will need to bring money to pay for are transport, Friday night accommodation, ski hire and park entry. Estimate of these costs is $195. You bring all camping and personal gear and meals, as advised on theory night.

Activity is suitable for Venturer age or older. Must be able to ski competently on cross-country skis, have attended a Snowcraft 1 weekend.

SX3 – Backcountry Ski Touring

Snowcraft 3 events are for more advanced skiers who want to hone their skills and broaden their experience. These courses can be scheduled on demand for almost any weekend in the season. Please ask

PrerequisitesHave successfully completed a Snowcraft 2 course, or Ski Tourer
DatesTraining event will be run on request – contact the Co-ordinator as given below.

Ski Tours, Ski Tourer Training in Ski Touring

During the season we will be conducting a number of ski tours ranging from two day (weekend) trips to extended tours up to 9 days in both NSW and Victoria.

PrerequisitesDependent on trip – generally participants must have successfully completed a Snowcraft 2 course, or have equivalent experience.
DatesTo be determined – contact the Co-ordinator as given below for details.
CostsTo be determined – (usually shared costs among participants).

Backcountry Snowboarding and Mountaincraft

These adventures are available pending interest.
Expressions of interest to attend these weekends should be directed to the Snowcraft Co-ordinator as detailed below. Expressions of interest should be made no later than 1st August to determine dates and costings


1. Pick the Adventure Weekend you wish to attend.
2. Download a Booking Form and E1 form from above.
3. Fill in the details & email booking and E1 form to (click on link) – Sydney North Region Office
4. Complete the Booking form and attach a cheque made out to “Scouts Australia” or Direct Deposit workshop fee payment (see below)
5. Direct Deposit payment to –
     * Account Name – SSA, NSW Branch, Sydney North Region
     * BSB – 032-000     Account Number – 186745
     * Reference – SURNAME + COURSE NUMBER (see above)
6. Closing dates for each workshop are beside the details above.
7. If unsure about any details or if you are eligible to attend the Workshop or Activity then contact the Activity Co-ordinator.
8. To confirm if the workshop is still on and has space contact the Region Office

Who Can Help Me?

Wesley Leverton –  Ph 9487 3721 (after 7pm), Email  Wesley Leverton

No matter your requirements, if you’re interested in snowcraft or ski touring, give the Cross-Country & Snowcraft Co-ordinator a call to find out what’s happening and what can be arranged.