The Grey Wolf Award is the ultimate award for a Cub Scout. This can be attained by participating in a number of outdoor activities, attending Pack Councils, achieving a number of Level 2 Achievement Badges and Special Interest Badges, and developing a Jungle Book group resource.

When each component of the Grey Wolf Award has been completed, a request is submitted to the State Office for approval by the Branch Commissioner (Cub Scout). See the links below for the relevant forms.

Am I eligible for this Award:

  • Youth member must be under 12 years and still in the Cub Scout section until they have recieved their award.
  • Youth member needs to attend a personal development course or similar.
  • Youth member needs to complete required badges for the program they are on.

When will my Peak Award (Grey Wolf) be presented?

Because it is such a special award, it will usually be presented to you by your section leaders at a special place of significance to the youth member. The presentation will be co-ordinated between the youth member, leaders and parents. 

Who’s is invited to my presentation?

This is a special award for the youth member, you can invite almost anyone you wish. Discuss this with your leaders, who will be planning the celebration side of your presentation.

Things to note:

  • Remember logs are not a requirement for Peak Awards (Grey Wolf).
  • Youth members must be a registered Cub Scout to recieve their Peak Award (Grey Wolf).
  • Youth members must obtain their Peak Award (Grey Wolf) before their 12th birthday.
  • Using the correct forms is essential, as using the incorrect forms could possibly delay the process.
  • Send completed form to and please CC. the Regional Commissioner for Cubs and maybe your Group Leader.

District Honour Rolls

Click on the Districts below to view the lists of Grey Wolf Awardees: