Who can register?

Any Scout Patrol from NSW containing between 4 and 8 Patrol members can register and attend ScoutHike. All members of the Patrol must be registered members of Scouts Australia, be a member of the Scout section and within the official Scout section age range.

The only other requirement is that two leaders, parents, or other adult helpers from your Unit must attend ScoutHike to help with the running and organisation (on an activity base, for example).

How do I register?

Registering is a simple process. It should take you less than 15 minutes. Each member of the Patrol will need to register themself. The PL will also create their Patrol and add the Patrol members, the PL should register their patrol, not the Scout Leader.

Fill out a simple online form with details about yourself. Make sure all details are correct including Scout Membership Numbers otherwise your Patrol’s registration will not be accepted until all details are correct. This includes new Scouts!

2. Each Patrol member pays for themselves online when they register. Your form and payment must be received by the deadline date listed under key dates for ScoutHike

2023 registrations open 1st February 2023.

For any assistance with Registration please email scouthike.snr@nsw.scouts.com.au

Patrol size

The ideal size for a ScoutHike Patrol is 5 to 6 Scouts in total and should be made up of Scouts of different ages and abilities. Doing this will ensure that the skills of the more experienced Scouts in the Patrol are passed to the less experienced…they are doing like-wise when it is their turn to lead the Patrol. You might recognise this as the ‘Patrol System’! 

If the number of Scouts in your Patrol falls below 4 by the time you get to ScoutHike, the organisers will join your Patrol up with another Patrol. You will only get one score, but each Patrol will get a trophy. 

For example, if you end up with 3 Scouts, we will look for a Patrol of 4 (ideally) or 5 from your own: a) Unit, b) District, c) Region (in that order) at the same Sleep Point. The combined Patrol will travel as the larger Patrol’s number and they will elect/confirm the combined Patrol’s Patrol Leader. If the combined Patrol ends up with two Patrol Leaders (one from each original Patrol) the Patrol will still remain competitive under the ScoutHike rules. 

The final decision regarding which Patrols are joined is made by the ScoutHike organiser after all Patrols have arrived at the Friday night Sleep Points. The Sleep Point Leader is advised during the night and they will inform the Patrols either late on Friday night or first-thing Saturday morning.

It may also be necessary to join Patrols as ScoutHike progresses. A similar process will take place and the Patrols advised and joined as soon as possible. 

How much does it cost?

For Scouts within Sydney North and South Met the cost is $100 per Scout, with a $10 discount if you register and SUBMIT before the Early Bird close-off date. The Early Bird close-off date is midnight of the date shown in Key Dates for ScoutHike. So if you want to pay just $90 per Scout, you must register on or before the cut-off which is listed under the Key Dates for ScoutHike which is 1st March 2023. This fee includes organised bus travel and is not refundable or discountable.

For Scouts from other Regions of NSW, the cost is $85 per Scout, with a $10 discount if you register before the Early Bird close-off date. So if you want to pay just $75 per Scout, you must register on or before the cut-off which is listed under the Key Dates for ScoutHike. This does not include travel – these Patrols will travel independently UNLESS special arrangements are made for the Patrol to travel on one of the organised buses. To join up with a ‘Sydney North or South Met bus’ please email the scouthike.coordinator.snr@nsw.scouts.com.au to have your registration and fees updated. Bus cost is $15

Why should I register my Patrol now?

Not only will you secure a $10 discount by registering before the Early Bird close-off date, but you will also earn 100 points for your Patrol.

Even if you’re not exactly sure who will be the final members of your Patrol, as long as you are confident you will have at least 4 in your Patrol, there’s nothing stopping you from registering now. You can always return to this website later, log in, and make changes to your registration. 

Making Patrol Payments

Payment details are shown on the ‘Status” tab on the left-hand side. It is very important to note that FULL PAYMENT FOR THE PATROL must be received by the date listed under the Key Dates for ScoutHike which is the 20th April 2023. Payments after this date will have 100 points deducted from their final score plus forfeit any early bird points the Patrol may have previously been awarded.

What about Refunds for Patrol Members who can’t make it now?

In the event of a person withdrawing from your Patrol after the closing date as listed under the Key Dates for ScoutHike, refunds will not be made except in exceptional circumstances, and then only at the discretion of the ScoutHike organiser. Arrangements should be made by the Patrol to substitute a new Patrol member, advising the ScoutHike Registrar of any updates to Patrol members. 

What about Refunds if ScoutHike is Cancelled?

If the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, NSW Health Orders due to COVID, or the forest being closed, depending on the date and proximity to the event the Scouthike team will seek to refund the highest possible amount.