This page contains various documents specific to Sydney North Region.

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 Marketing, Promotion, & Recruitment
“Rovers Do Stuff!” Mini Poster A4 with tear-off contact slips
“Rovers Do Stuff!” Mini Poster A4
“Rovers Do Stuff!” Mini Poster 2x A5 for where space is limited
Print or copy on red paper and display these around your local community anywhere young people of Rover age pass by – shops, McDonalds, libraries, youth centres, TAFE colleges, churches, pubs, clubs, sports centres, community noticeboards etc. Promote Rovers and help potential new members to easily find your Unit.

Rover-Venturer Link-Up List
Lists all Units in the Region, showing which Venturer Units are linked with which Rover Units/Crews. Note, this list is only a guide, to ensure every Unit is linked. Venturers are free to link with any Rover Unit/Crew of their choice.

A One-Stop Guide To Becoming A Rover
Almost time to move from Venturers up to Rovers? Check out this “One-Stop Guide to Becoming a Rover” for all you need to know.
 Region Rover Council Documents
Region Rover Council Annual Report 2022/2023 NEW!
Covers all the activities and operations of the Rover section in Sydney North Region over the 2022/2023 year. 
Region Rover Council Constitution
The Constitution of the Sydney North Region Rover Council, including details of Minimum Standards and Duties of Office Holders.
Development Fund Operational Rules
This fund was established to support the development of Rovering in Sydney North Region and to hold funds in trust for Units/Crews that have ceased operating.
On The Job discussion notes
Interprets these training requirements, in a Rover context.
Activities & Related Policies
Region Rover Event Guidelines
Guidelines and policy to assist Units and committees running events on behalf of the Region Rover Council.
Region Rover Event Hints & Tips
Useful hints and tips for Units or committees running events on behalf of the Region Rover Council, covering date, theme, venue, activities, catering, promotion, budgets, entertainment, trophies, and lots more.
Event Tender Form
Form for use by Units or committees tendering to run events on behalf of the Region Rover Council.
Event Budget Template
Budget and financial reporting spreadsheet for use by Units or committees running events on behalf of the Region Rover Council.
Event PR
Promotion and public relations ideas for running all types of Rover events.

Activity Notification Forms For Dummies
A guide to help ensure you cover yourself by completing E1 activity notification paperwork correctly.
NOTE: Activity notifications for all adventurous activities, including camping, should now be submitted via the Scouts NSW Activity Notification and Approval System (ANS). See here for full details.

Link to Scouts NSW forms (including E1 Activity Notification Form)…
Link to Rovers Australia Drug and Alcohol Guidelines
Link to Scouts NSW O&I Handbook – includes Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol Policy (see page 63)
Rover Advisers
Rover Adviser Expectations
Issued by the National Rover Council, this spells out what should be expected of a RA from their Unit or Council.