If you are keen for some outdoor adventure and love the bush, then caving is for you.

Caving is crawling, abseiling, and climbing through underground passages to view the wonderful underground formations. Some caves may have watercourses running through them.

Who Can Do It?

Venturers , Rovers and Leaders

Caving Adventure Weekends

The Caving Team head off several times a year on a weekend away caving at Wee Jasper, Bungonia, and other places. All you have to do is book in and come along.


1. If you wish to go vertical caving then you should have abseiling experience or have completed the Basic Rockcraft event (see abseiling page).

2. Have attended a caving information evening.

When Can I do This?

Any time of year is good for a caving adventure.

Qualifications Required

Horizontal Caving – activity must be under the control of a Cave Guide.

Vertical Caving – Activity must be under the control of a Cave Guide.

The Caving Team is also more than happy to provide your Group with a Cave Guide or two to attend your own Caving expedition if you do not hold appropriate qualifications.

The Cave Team can train people to levels:
Cave Safe Participant
Cave Trained Participant

Cave Assistant Guide
Cave Guide

Cave Safe Participant


Venturer age or older;
Abseil experience or hold a current Safe Participant Abseil qualification

Cave Trained Participant & Assistant Guide


Hold a current Trained Participant or Assistant Guide Abseil qualification
Hold a current Caver Safe Participant qualification
Hold a current HLTAID 001, 002 & 003

Workshops Additional Information:

Please note bookings close when maximum number is reached or approximately one week prior to workshop event.

Caving weekend adventure fee $90 per participant which includes camping fees.


1. Pick the workshop you wish to attend.
2. Click on the “Book Now” button to reserve your spot online.
3. Register and complete your application. (Note registration needs to only be done once and can be used again to register for future events),
4. Make your payment online to complete your registration.
5. Closing dates for each workshop are beside the details above.
6. If unsure about any details or if you are eligible to attend the Workshop or Activity then contact the Activity Co-ordinator.

Who Can Help Me?

Scott Osborne  Tel:  0431 185 040   Email Scott

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