Have you wanted to take Cubs away for a fabulous weekend during winter but had no idea where to go? The Snow Activities Team can solve this problem for you!

Each year, a bus load of Cubs hit the slopes of Perisher for a fantastic weekend of tobogganing and touring around the snowy regions of Mt Kosciusko. The trip commences on a Friday night leaving Sydney at approximately 6pm and arriving at Jindabyne by about 1am.


We spend the day at Perisher where we toboggan, then drive up to Charlottes Pass if conditions permit to view the main range and Mt Kosciusko. We normally have lunch at Perisher. As the snowfields are a long way from home we try to spend as much time on the snow as possible, bearing in mind the weather conditions and the Cubs.


We go to Thredbo and take the chairlift to Crackenback where the Cubs can play and build snowmen. Tobogganing is not permitted at Thredbo. Lunch is usually in the park.

Who Can Do It?

Cubs and Leaders from all over the Region

When Can I Do This?

The trip commences on a Friday night in October leaving Sydney at approximately 6pm and arriving at Jindabyne by about 1am.

Qualifications Required?

Qualifications are not reuired in resort area boundaries or undertaking skiing or boarding using resort facilities

Trip Information?

Accommodation is in the Jindabyne area.

All participants are required to be suitably attired for the snow. This includes jacket, overpants (or bib and brace), apri boots, gloves (woolen), goggles/sunglasses and a red beanie with a yello pom-pom.

A complete gear list will be given out at Leaders Meetings in August.


The cost of the package is $190 per person with the package including coach travel, accommodation, food, park entry, toboggan hire, chairlift and McDonalds on the way home. Parents are asked to provide a small container with some cakes, slices or biscuits, which are pooled and served for morning and afternoon tea. This helps to keep the costs at a reasonable level.

How Do I register My Pack?

And send form and deposit to:
Sue Ranger
Cub Snow Trip
14/14 Stuart St
Collaroy NSW 2097

Closing Date?

Closing Date for applications is July.

Who Can Help Me?

Sue Ranger 9984 1960