Wednesday Rockcraft Workshop 3

The third of the Sydney North Rockcraft Team’s weekly online Rockcraft Skills Workshops. This one kicks off with a guest appearance from State Vertical Leader Wal Waerner on the Safe Work process and the upcoming changes to our processes as a result of that.

We then had Lauren Hansen talk about her 2016 Balthasar Expedition walking along the frozen Chadar River in India. Followed by a Kahoot by Harry (SNR Rockcraft), focusing on some knot recognition. Then finishing off with a presentation on the Imlay Critr2 from Craig Stanfield (Normanhurst Venturers).

You can check the video out here (requires login to Scouts NSW Office365):

Harry J E Day

Harry J.E Day is an abseil and canyoning Guide in the Sydney North Rockcraft Team. Harry has had a long Scouting career as a Youth member - starting out in 1st Gordon Cubs, before being booted as a 1st Turramurra Rover in November, 2020. Harry is currently the Assistant Abseil Co-ordiantor and Rockcraft Team Quartermaster.

Ben Power

Ben Power is a Abseil, Canyoning and Caving Guide with the Sydney North Rockcraft Team. He is the Region's Caving Co-ordinator and also runs rescue skills workshops.

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