Roventure 2006 saw close to 200 Rovers and Venturers from across Sydney North come together for an awesome weekend of crazy activities themed around the movie “Super Troopers”!

Roventure 2006 was presented by Mona Vale Rovers and Venturers on the weekend of February 24-26 at La Salle Youth Camp, Kincumber South. After much work on the Friday, by 6 o’clock Mona Vale were ready for the hordes. By the time the last members reached the gate, close to 200 participants had arrived for a weekend of shenanigans and fun that was “Super Troopers” Roventure.

Following interrogation, mug shots and sightings of bears doing who knows what, people were let in to set up a Guantanamo Bay of sorts. Saturday began with opening parade and then on to group activities, ranging from crime scene investigation, maple syrup boat races and designing a 10 million dollar car…. which bought out the best in all.

The afternoon’s action included the slipping and sliding adventures of the litre of cola relay and group sock wrestling. The latter part of the afternoon was spent with Rovers and Venturers bonding and creatively stealing each other’s dolls, which was set as a task for the weekend.

After the Venturers had tucked in to whatever the Rovers had prepared them for dinner (spit roasts were popular!) it was time for fun and frolics, brought to us by a hypnotist who came to entertain. Turning monkeys into babies and even making chickens lay square eggs, many thanks goes out to Roger Johnson for putting on a top-shelf show and his never-ending support of Scouts Australia.

This was followed by fairy floss and a chance to show off everyone’s “frocks”. The weekend’s award for the best dressed Crew went to Kissing Point who even showed up Mona Vale on their arrival with lights and sirens in tow, which scored them a few outdoor store gift vouchers for their trouble. This then turned into a kick-ass dance floor and evening activities until 12.

Bright and early on Sunday morning everyone rocked up late to the first round of activities…. I can only suggest that was a reflection on the big night they all had. This early morning activity saw teams of iron men and women compete for ultimate glory in a three stage relay, followed by an Iron Gut event to go down in the history books. Triumph came from a young Venturer by the name of John from 3rd Mosman Bay, with close runners up from Platabeen and Gordon…. this was a hard task to complete for even the most experienced of Iron Gutters!

From one grotesque event to the next we moved on to the three-stage wrestling pit (Mona Vale has never been good at making decisions so they went with all three ingredients for the pit – shaving cream, maple syrup, chips and gravy).

The end of the weekend was marked with a closing parade and presentation of prizes (kindly donated by Coleman and Kelly’s Camping) and the skins to the winners. The Out-of-Region award was won by the combined St George Ranger Guides and Hurstville Venturers who made the long and gruelling journey to attend the fantastic weekend away. Overall winners were the Platabeen team with close runners up Gordon.

Congratulations to all involved – a fantastic effort was put in by everyone (so I was told). From everyone’s feedback, there was a lot of good fun all round with little injury…. well done Mona Vale, ohhh yeah!

Article by Chris Bennett – Mona Vale Rovers.
Photos by Nick Buchner.

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