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Roventure 2017: The Gap Year

Have you ever wanted to travel the world but were strapped for cash and tight on time? Platabeen Rover Crew had you covered when they joined forces with Ivanhoe Park, Elanora Heights and Platabeen Venturers to stage this year’s Roventure: The Gap Year.

Held over the 17-19 March, ‘Crunits’ – combined teams of Venturers and Rovers – from around Sydney North were invited to the trip of their lifetimes, exploring the world from the soggy grounds at Camp Kariong, near Gosford.

Whilst the rain proved relentless, Crunits pursued their travels visiting over 10 countries, completing exciting challenges in each.

Starting in Australia, Crunits stacked cans and folded shirts for cash before throwing thongs for ingredients to make a camp damper. In Italy teams brushed up on their Italian to help prepare pasta sauce, and those in Japan learnt the traditional art of Tepanyaki – catching large quantities of rice in small plastic bowls.

Teams in Peru were asked to make a tune using Peruvian pan flutes, and those in Iran had to design and sell Persian rugs to eager customers.

In India Crunits learnt to communicate using Semaphore whilst those travelling to Brazil found themselves in a slippery situation having to navigate through Amazonian obstacles to avoid the deadly Anaconda.

The final few activities saw Crunits crossing ski-fields in Norway and shooting potatoes at hungry Irish Leprechauns.

Other activities held over the weekend included Highland Games (shot-put, tug-of-war and sack racing), around-the-world trivia, an international food competition as well as crowd favourite jelly-wrestling.

By the end of the weekend scores were collated and the winners announced – 2nd Gordon Rover Crew and Venturer Unit.

Sydney North Rovers would like to congratulate Roventure Chief Courtney Turner, and the rest of Platabeen for all their efforts in organising a fantastic event. We are looking forward to Roventure 2018, which will be held on February 23-25 at Camp Ku-ring-gai and run by Kananga Rover Crew.

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