You are currently viewing Roventure 2011 – “RomeVenture”

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… lend me your ears. Not for a story of Emperors and Kings but one of the common Scout and how he became a citizen.

It all started on the 25th of February, in the year of our Chairman Chill when over 160 Venturers and Rovers from most Units and Crews in Sydney North descended on Cataract Scout Park for a weekend of adventure.

What followed can only be described as some Pagan ritual as Crunit (that’s a combined team of Venturers and Rovers) after Crunit of keen young Romans where challenged and tested on the field of Mars. Following age-old traditions the trial by fire involved many different aspects, including aqueduct construction, Cleopatra carpet obstacle courses, jelly wrestling and trireme racing.

I am pleased to report that the new recruits showed skills and valour that would have made Caesar proud, completing the tasks to a level unseen in the ancient world. Even in leisure all of the participates enjoyed the more social activities of trivia, sliding down the aqueduct and trying to perform strange rituals on the dance floors with great gusto.

A hail Caesar goes out to Crunit Platabeen for running such a fantastic weekend. In typical Roman style they always looked in complete control, despite the pure barbarian chaos which was raging around them.

Another cheer goes out to Mona Vale from mustering the largest Crunit but in the end it was Kissing Point (with 2nd Turramurra, Killara, North St Ives, Sailors Bay and Turrumburra Venturers in tow) that raised the standard over second-placed Brush Park to claim the laurel wreath.

Aaron Smith
Kissing Point Rover Crew

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