The most recent Wednesday Rockcraft Workshop was opened up the Activity Team Members across Scouts Australia, NSW Branch.

The meeting opened with an update from State Leader Vertical, Wal Waerner on the changes coming out of the Safe Work Investigation. Including updates to the risk assessment process and the new training required for all Rockcraft Guides.

We then jumped into a quiz by Charlotte Mason (ACL 2nd Gordon Rovers) focusing on some knot recognition, rigging, rope knowledge, and more!

Following that Diane Nolder (SL 1st Gordon Scouts) continued our series on gear with an analysis of the Hydrobot – including some discussion of its use as an ascending device.

Finally Craig Starling (VL 1st Asquith Venturers) ran through a presentation looking at planning & risk in activities talking about frameworks for teaching, managing and understanding risk. Including the Dunning-Kruger effect, The Perceived Fear Scale (PFS), and the “CLAPS” technique for managing a group. He then went through some interesting information from the UPLOADS incident data.

You can check the video out here (requires login to Scouts NSW Office365):

(Other slides to be added)

Next Week we will have a special guest speaker!

Craig’s Risk Presentation