Congratulations to all the teams that participated in Scout Hike 2022. You can see winners from previous years here.

Number Patrol Name & UnitPoints
3150Traffic Cones, 1st Castle Hill1961
6650The Furious 5, 1st Oatley Bay1907
7322Sharks, 1st Sailors Bay1888
7511Vegemite Pretzels, 1st East Roseville1885
7632Wallabies, 1st Sailors Bay1858
3561Possum’s Crew, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills1828
5150Mountain Chickens, 1st Shellharbour1779
7311Hawks, 1st Northbridge1778
5140Rome Alone, Lones1777
2460Paw Patrol, West Pymble1754
2242Ivory Tusks, 1st Turramurra1723
2232Hyenas, 1st Turramurra1685
7240Mag-Thrush, 1st Lindfield1679
1322Seaforth 1, 1st Seaforth1662
7360The Flying Foxes, Cammeray1660
7232Ghost Division, 1st Sailors Bay1555
7230The Good Dinosaurs, 1st Lane Cove
3140Bears in the Wood, 1st Asquith1504
3360The Fire Nation, 1st Waitara1497
4631Polo, 1st North Ryde1486
4412STIP, 1st Leichhardt1470
7460The Lads, 1st Sailors Bay1462
7241No way home, Cammeray1458
3322Mockingjays, 1st East Wahroonga1446
4651Tim Tams, 1st Leichhardt1395
4142Maple Tree, 1st East Ryde1378
7652Roseville Raptors, Roseville1375
1523The Happy Hikers, 1st Seaforth1352
3522Australian Scout Corps, 2nd Northmead1342
2412Black Spots , 1st Turramurra1334
3131Cult of the Drop Bears, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills1330
6641Killer Wombat, Kingsford Smith1326
7560Catch Us If You Can, 1st Sailors Bay1322
3151Big Boy Brothers, 1st Cherrybrook1321
2422The elders, 1st Turramurra1319
4652Ready to Rumble, 1st East Ryde1315
13121st Bayview Two, 1st Bayview
15621st Bayview Won, 1st Bayview
44611st Yaralla Sea Scouts, 1st Yaralla
74212/3 Lindfield best patrol, 2nd/3rd Lindfield
4422Alpaca Tent, 1st Cabarita Mortlake
3240Antarctic Raiders, Normanhurst
4420B1, 1st Balmain
4642B2, 1st Balmain
7461Basic Idea, 1st Sailors Bay
1561Beacon Hill Bandicoots, 1st Beacon Hill
3512Berowra Besties, 1st Berowra
2462Better than you, North St Ives
7411Bull Sharks, 1st Balmoral
7650Capybaras, 1st Mosman
6640Caringbah, 1st Caringbah
1522Cheese Sticks, Fairlight/Manly
7410Climb and Punishment, 1st North Sydney
7562Coachwhip, 1st Lindfield
1512Collaroy Plateau, 1st Collaroy Plateau
3520Crazy Dropbears, 1st Hornsby Heights
7321Curlew, 1st Lindfield
3230Da Bois, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai
7242Dairine Mokosh, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft
3321Diseased Dropbears, 1st Hornsby Heights
3142Diva’s, 1st Hornsby Heights
3242DropBears1, 1st Hornsby Heights
4630Drummoyne Knees, Drummoyne
3320Dumbledore’s Army, 1st Asquith
2241Eagles, 2nd St Ives
6643Emu, Kingsford Smith
6630Enfield Adventurers , 2nd Enfield
6631Error404, 1st Oatley Bay
1521Falcon, 1st Terrey Hills
7512Falcons, Roseville
6632Fellowship of 1st Lugarno, 2nd Mortdale
3132Flying Saucers, 1st North Rocks
3511G squad, Normanhurst
4410Golden Trampers, 1st Putney
1321Hawkmoon 269, 1st Allambie Heights
1560Hawks, 1st Allambie Heights
3141Hiking Warriors, 2nd Northmead
4633Hog Ryders, 1st Putney
1360Jagstang, 1st Balgowlah
4632Jamaican Bananas, 1st Cabarita Mortlake
4462Jim’s Patrol, Eastwood/Marsfield
2411Kangas, 2nd Gordon
3251Kingfisher, 1st Roselea
2420Koalas, 2nd Gordon
7362Kolomna Ansgar, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft
7412Kookaburra , 1st Lindfield
2240Kookaburras, 2nd Gordon
6651kookaburra’s, 1st Oyster Bay
2252Kool Kidz, 1st Gordon
3241Luke’s , 1st Cherrybrook
6642Magpies , 1st Oyster Bay
7250Magpies, 1st Northbridge
4130Marco, 1st North Ryde
7630MB, 3rd Mosman Bay
2410Moana, 1st Gordon
7651Monke Squad, 1st Sailors Bay
4141Mowgli’s Marauders, Eastwood/Marsfield
3361My Little Pony, West Pennant Hills
3510Nameless, 1st Hornsby Heights
3231Normo Nightmare, Normanhurst
1513Oreos on Toast, Belrose
7521Panthers, 2nd/3rd Lindfield
4411Penguin, 1st Haberfield
4460Penguinee, Ryde
7561Penguins, 1st Balmoral
4132Pinecones, Epping
7320Plum Platypie, 1st North Sydney
4641Poppin Possums, 1st Brush Park
7520Promenade of Purple Penguins, 1st North Sydney
7631Purple, 1st Willoughby
3312Radioactive Redbacks, 1st Balcombe Heights
1310Red backs , 1st Terrey Hills
3232Red Backs, Beecroft
7312Redbacks, 2nd/3rd Lindfield
7252Rockets, 1st Willoughby
1520Safety Third, 1st Elanora Heights
7642Scorpion, 1st Northbridge
4151Scorpions, Ryde
3562Scorpions, Beecroft
2251Scorpions, 1st North Turramurra
2230Slow Rams, West Pymble
4153Spinach, 1st Boronia
3252Teletubbies, 1st Asquith
4150The Alphas, 1st East Ryde
3311The Australian Alpha Corp, 2nd Northmead
7310The Bad Dinosaurs, 1st Lane Cove
4152The Better Haberfield, 1st Haberfield
6652The Cool Capybaras, 1st Oatley Bay
7251The Fishies , 1st Mosman
5130The gladiators, 1st Glossodia
1320The Goons, Killarney Heights
3250The Greatest, 1st Oakville
4640The Lazy Romanian Bears, 1st Boronia
4140The Leichhardt Lads, 1st Leichhardt
1510The Prawn Patrol, 1st Mona Vale
4650The Radioactive Unicorns, Epping
3310The Red Tigers, 1st Castle Hill
1511The Rocks, 1st Forestville
2461The Sonic Sloths, 1st Pymble
7231The Terminators, 1st Tambourine Bay
3130The Travellers, 1st Hornsby Heights
3362The Trogs, Normanhurst
3363The Wanderers, 1st Roselea
7641The Wet Matches, Chatswood
7420Three Toed Sloths, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft
7422Tree climbers, 1st Tambourine Bay
7361Trees, 1st Tambourine Bay
2231Turragang, 2nd Turramurra
4421Venti, Epping
1311Vipers, 1st Forestville
7640Wandering aimlessly, 1st East Roseville
3560We’re An Individual, 1st Castle Hill
4131We’re Working It, 1st Brush Park
5131What hike?, 1st Kellyville
2421whatever, 2nd Turramurra
3521Wolves, 1st Roselea
2250Wombats, 2nd Gordon