Here’s how it works
On Friday evening Scouts are bused and checked into one of six sleep points. They make camp for the night, complete their plans for their hiking for the next two days, catch up on friends, and finally grab some sleep ready for the first day. 

After cooking their own breakfast and breaking camp, each Patrol checks out of the Sleep Point and heads off to their first Activity Base for the day along the way to where they will sleep that night. Points are awarded for arriving at Activity Bases, and more points are awarded depending on how well the Patrol works together and achieves the objectives of each Base. 

Patrols can leave their Sleep Point any time from 7.30am on the Saturday, the 28 Bases open at 8.00am, and visit as many Activity Bases as they can visit and fit in during the day. Each activity is designed to take about 20-25 minutes. Patrols need to arrive at the Saturday Sleep Point by 5.00pm so they can check in and make camp, prepare dinner, and review the days’ progress – all before it gets dark. The evening is free to either get some well earned sleep or make and meet up with more friends. 

Sunday check out is also from 7.30am and bases open at 8.00am. There are plenty more activities to do as Patrols make their way to the Finish Point to arrive there by the Finish Time. The further away Bases start to close from 11.00am, and all Bases are close by 1.00pm. After the scores are computed, the top 12 Patrols are announced and awardes made, the top Patrol also gets their Winner’s Trophy all in time for the victorious bus ride home. 

Gold Awards are given to the top 12 patrols, Silver Awards to the next 24 patrols, and Bronze Awards are awarded to every other patrol. All patrols are winners at Scout Hike!