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Waterbugs Day

2022-09-18 @ 9:30 AM 12:00 PM


Healthy creeks indicate healthy environments. Wirreanda Creek, which runs through Ingleside Scout Camp is home to many species of animals including freshwater crayfish, dragonfly nymphs, water boatmen, and tadpoles to name a few. Join us at Ingleside Environment Centre and become a citizen scientist for Streamwatch, catching waterbugs and collecting data on the animals in the creek. We are located within Ingleside Scout Camp, at the end of Bloodwood Rd via Tumburra Rd, Ingleside. Cub Scouts will also be shown how to develop their newly acquired skills and knowledge into a Special Interest Area (SIA) Project. Please bring your own food and drink. For more information Leaders can contact: cubenvironment@inglesidescoutcamp.com.au and reference this activity.

Rick Shires

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