Your patrol will have some shared gear between you for lightweight hiking. This gear should be divided among the patrol members to carry, along with your Hiking Personal Gear.


Separate tentage must be provided for both male and female members of the Patrol. “Three man” hike tents usually weight in between 3 and 6kg depending on construction and price. Cheap nylon tents are not suitable as they don’t provide adequate protection from the elements, nor are large dome tents suitable as they simply weigh too much – even after distribution.


There is a whole section on food, but do remember to make room for it all.

First Aid

See later in this Guide for recommended First Aid Kit contents for a hike up to 3 days long.


A simple ‘Silva’ type compass is sufficient and relatively inexpensive. It should be worn on a cord around your next, tied to your belt, or strung through a button hole. If you want to take a GPS, take a GPS as well as your compass.


Become familiar with your map, the intended route, significant points on the map, and keep a very careful track of where you have been as this is often the best way to ‘get back on track’ in the unlikely event your Patrol gets lost. Carry it in a plastic sleave for protection from the elements.

Note Pad and Pencils/Pens

A small selection of coloured pencils/pens are very useful for marking your map and taking notes about your hike.


Usually two small billies will suffice between three people – but do consider what you need to cook.


A small aluminium frypan should be carried – but do consider what you need to cook.


Pot scourer/steel wool pads, cleaning equpiment, toilet paper and small trowel, etc.