Eating well on a hike is one of the keys to its’ successful and happy conclusion. On the flip side if you don’t eat well you will get tired, fatigued, and feel sick, before the hike’s end making the entire experience for your patrol an unforgettable one for the wrong reasons.

Eating well is not a matter of taking lots of food, it’s a matter of taking the right food, in appropriate quantities, and where possible – in the right format.

Lets start with the last one first:


Where possible you should opt for the food format option that is as light weight as possible, i.e. the less water or bulk you have to carry, the easier it will be!

For example carrying a can of stew or a carton of milk can easily be replaced with dried options that simply needs water to become what they are meant to be. There are plenty of options available in your local camping store and/or supermarket.

Something to think about, as you do not need to carry the Saturday breakfast meal anywhere other than to ScoutHike, a can of stew, beans, etc just might help you off to a good start.


It is worth spending a bit more time to take the right amount or quantity of each item on your menu. If together the Patrol of six only eats 12 sausages – don’t take a pack of 24.

Take a look at page 157 in the Fieldbook for Australian Scouts for suggested quantities of items you might be including in your menu.


What you actually eat for each meal is not rocket science, but there is science in what you eat. You will already have prepared menus as part of the Award Scheme but this time the menu you prepare is for a more strenuous activity and your Scout Leader is unable to jump in their car and get some more.

Remember – you must carry your food with you!

In preparing your menu, it is important to know if you are going to be in a Fire Ban area or season. This will more than likely mean that you can not operate any of your own gas stoves, light any fires, use solid fuel devices.

Please note at the Sydney North Event ScoutHike you will be cooking over a cooking fire which will be provided for you. You may not use your own stove. This means you will need to bring a frypan or billy to cook with.

Noodles, Energy Bars and Meal Replacements

A main meal consisting in the main of a noodle based product or consists of an energy bar or meal replacement is not a proper balanced meal in this environment.