It very important to have a first aid kit whilst hiking. Your patrol should carry a patrol first kit, and each Scout should carry a personal first aid kit too!

Personal First Aid Kit

A Personal First Aid Kit should be carried by each member of the Patrol. It should include:

  • 1 x trangular bandage
  • 1 x 75mm elastic crepe bandage
  • 1 x sealed sterile dressing
  • Bandaids
  • Safety pins
  • Sun blockout cream
  • Foil Rescure Sheet
  • Personal medications both Prescription & Non-prescription

Patrol First Aid Kit

In addition, each Patrol should carry as a Patrol Kit the following:

  • Roll of adhesive dressing strip
  • Pair scissors
  • Packet of gauze squares
  • 2 x non-stick dressings
  • Roll of adhesive tape (25mm)
  • ‘Wound Dressing’ (2 x No 14)
  • “Stingose”
  • Serile gloves (x 2 pairs)
  • Betadine liquid / other antiseptic LIQUID
  • Fine point tweezers
  • Paper and Pen/Pencil
  • Gaffer tape (emergency repairs for packs, tents etc)
  • Basic First Aid instructions