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View  12/11/2019 ROVERS: 2020 Dates/Canyoning/Moot of Rock/Comedy/CRAP Region Dinner/Roscars/Scavenger Hunt/RYLA/Claus for a Cause/SRC Elections/NYE Service/CBR Moot/Balthasar Award/Adventure Weekend/BPS course/Roventure/Next RRC meeting Text
View  24/09/2019 ROVERS: OXFAM wrap/MMT wrap/Crew Leader requirements/Training/Harbour Cruise/Adventurous Activities/CRAP Region Dinner/Roscar Awards/Kalang Kup/Lord Mayor's Picnic/Ingleside/Next RRC Text
View  1/07/2019 ROVERS: Abseil Boar's Head/Adventurous activities/Gang Show Rover Night/Not-a-Moot/Trailwalker/MMT/Rat Skin/Rover Training/Turramurra Cruise/National Moot/Reimbursement/next RRC meeting Text
View  15/05/2019 ROVERS: Dinner/AGM/Rockcraft/Leadership/Rover Ball/Box Divvy/Gang Show Rover Night/National Moot/ScoutHike Reimbursement/Event Survey/Peak Award Survey/Next RRC meeting Text
View  23/03/2019 ROVERS: Service Project/RRC AGM Tomorrow/Dragon Skin/Rover Help Needed/Intro to Rovers Night/Rover Dinner/Help for Joeys/NSW Rover Conference/Next National Moot Text
View  17/01/2019 ROVERS: Resolutions/Surfmoot/NYP Survey/Balthasar/Service Project/Roventure/Canyoning/Roscar Winners/New SRC Team/NYE/2019 Calendar/Summer Moot/NSW Event Tenders/NZ Moot/New Logo/National Moot/Stickers/Next RRC Text
View  9/11/2018 ROVERS: CLBAM/Kup/CRAP/ROSCAR Awards/NYP - your feedback needed/Lord Mayor's Picnic/Crew Challenge/RYLA/Service100/Centenary Shoulder Badges/Roventure/Trivia Night/SRC Elections/110 Years of Scouting/Next RRC meeting Text
View  21/10/2018 ROVERS: Special - New Youth Program (NYP) Text
View  5/10/2018 ROVERS: MMT Wrap/Kalang Kup/Awards/BPS course/RYLA/Whitewater course/Compass/Rockcraft/CLBAM/RRC this Sunday Text
View  6/09/2018 ROVERS: Happy 100th Birthday! Text
View  16/08/2018 ROVERS: Intro Tonight/Not-a-Moot Wrap/Recognition awards/Rovers 100 Celebration/MMT/State Moot/Harbour Cruise/Rockcraft/Kalang Kup/Balthasar Award/CLBAM/Next RRC Text
View  30/04/2018 ROVERS: Ball/Climbing/Ceroc/Gang Show/Balthasar Awardees/Dinner - Wrap/Photo Comp/Mudbash/CLBAM/Next RRC meeting Text
View  27/03/2018 ROVERS: AGM special Text
View  24/03/2018 ROVERS: AGM tomorrow night/BushDance/Rover Merch/Mexican Dinner/Photo Comp/Mudbash/Dragon Skin/Next Rover BPS/Scout Hike/International Rover Week at Kandersteg Text
View  7/03/2018 ROVERS: Intro evening/Moot & Roventure wraps/H&C Moot/Mandatory e-Learning/Dragon Skin/ScoutHike/Region Rover Dinner/Bush Dance/Rovers100 Centenary/Ceroc Dance/RRC Exec/RRC AGM Text
View  13/12/2017 ROVERS: CRAP/Roscars/Merch/BPS Course/Black Dog fundraiser/New SRC team/Awards Dinner/Adventure/Stan Bales Award/Summer Moot/Roventure/Surfmoot/Quality Rovering/Join the RRC Exec/2018 dates Text
View  3/12/2017 ROVERS banners - can you help find them? Text
View  6/11/2017 ROVERS: VentOut Help/Canyoning/RYLA Still Open/SRC Elections/ACT Moot/Roscar Awards/CRAP/Service Awards/Gang Show/B-P Peak/Roverway/Stan Bales award/Leadership/Roventure/NSW Website/Quality Rovering Award/Shirts/2018 Calendar/Next RRC Text
View  5/10/2017 ROVERS: MMT wrap/Last chance for Harbour Cruise/VentOut/Kup/Killer CRAP/Canyoning/Outdoor Skills/RYLA/Rover Merch/Summer moot/Roventure/ACT Moot/RRC this Sunday Text
View  6/09/2017 ROVERS: MMT/Oxfam/VOC2/Service Request/Kalang Kup/CRAP/NSW Moot/Harbour Cruise/T-Shirts/VentOut/Wood Badge/Promise & Law/4WD Workshop/Rovers100/Next RRC Text
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