Sydney North
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Congratulations Blade Puckeridge

On the  22nd of June at a suprise presentation, Blade was awarded his green cord. At the presentation Blade talked about his adventurer level journey and about the planning process.

"Thinking outside of the box, I did an urban hike for my Green cord hike covering the 4 points of the compass of Sydney. We travelled by foot, train, bus, ferry and even by Segway covering a total of 194km.   49.5km was walking through the city, around the coast and through the bush. The challenges that I had with my planning were getting approval for doing an Urban hike, co-ordinating transport and campsites. All were resolved and we headed out for a weekend of fun exploring our great city. 

Although there are guidelines for the award, If you have a great idea for your hike, please ask if it is possible. I found the District, Region and State leaders supportive of my hike once I put my proposal forward for consideration."


Well done Blade!