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Congratulations Freya Scott

On the  2nd of December Freya was awarded her green cord and ASM. At the presentation Freya talked about her adventurer level journey and about the planning process.

Over the first week of the September School holidays my Patrol travelled to the far south to do the 30 Km Light to Light walk in Ben Boyd national Park. I had planned my walk for many months, had meetings and phone hook-ups to arrange things, contacted national parks and booked camp sites. A couple of people dropped out so I had to find more people. I also had a small shakedown hike so we could get together as a patrol before the walk. I wanted to do something really different that we would remember for a long time.

It took a whole day to drive down. We stayed at Noonameena Scout Camp the night before starting the walk on Tuesday September 27. On the first day it started to rain as we left Noonameena. We took a few photos at Boyd’s tower before saying good bye to our leaders. The rain soon stopped and we could enjoy the amazing scenery. There were so many great spots along the walk where we could have camped. We had six scout TV video cameras with us to document the walk. We camped at Saltwater creek on night one and Bittangabee Bay night two. We ran into all sorts of wildlife such as kangaroo’s, goannas, possums, cute wombats, whales and including a few snakes on the track. I had a couple of first aid matters to manage on the walk and we followed our times on the route plan fairly well.

On the last day of the hike the weather was wet and windy. We packed up in the wind and the rain and walked the last 9 Kms as fast as we could to get to the end of the hike at Green Cape Light house. Our socks were so wet we wrung them out in glasses to see who had the most water in their socks. The whole patrol stayed in the Green Cape light house keepers cottage on the last night. We were glad to get to the light house as the weather was very bad. After nice warm showers we had the National Parks Scout version of the light house tour. In the morning we watched the sun rise from the top of the light house. An amazing location, good preparation, a good patrol and an excellent leader support crew made this a hike we all will never forget. It was a fantastic hike.   

Check out my hike video on Scout TV

Well done Freya!