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Congratulations Lachlan Catto

A proud Catto family watched Lachlan receive his green cord at 1st Forsetville scout hall. The last green cord awarded to 1st Forestville was in 2011. At the presentation Lachlan talked about his adventurer level journey and about the planning process.

On 11 April 2016 I took 6 scouts to Ourimbah for a 3 day hike that finished at Hornsby. We walked about 33kms along bush tracks. I did lots of preparation so it was a safe and fun hike.  I made sure the scouts were organized and knew what we were doing. We had a couple of meetings to discuss the hike, we talked about where we are going, what to take and what we would be eating, our meetings were a lot of fun.
We stayed to our planned times most of the trip, except for lunch on the first day. We were having too much fun and played cards for over an hour longer than we should have. This became a problem when we got lost late in the day about 1.5 kms from our first sleep point. I learnt from this to stay to the times and leave the playing until we arrived at our sleep point, set up camp and had dinner. Unfortunately, one of our hikers did not make the walk on the last day his shoes had given him bad blisters on his feet. His mum had to come and pick him up before we could continue. 

Overall we had fun. It was very hilly, we got to cross a river and 2 suspension bridges, which was fun.  We worked well as a team. The food we cooked was nice and it was fun having the dehydrated meals.  We all slept well in our tents. Most of us got leeches, I personally didn’t, but one boy was covered in them and had to borrow lots of band aids off me, his socks were red from blood.

It was a great hike!

Well done Lachlan!