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ScoutLink Access Process

7th August 2018

ScoutLink system can be access by selected members of Scout NSW.

To submit an application for approval, follow these steps.

1.      If you are not already a member of Scouts NSW e.g. have a membership
you will need to complete the A2 – Application for Adult Helper form. 
           Click Here

          a. As part of your A2 Application, you need to obtain a WWCC (Working With
              Children Check) number.  Information on how to obtain this can be found on the                        Office of the Childrens Guardian's website
                 Click Here

2.      You need to complete the A14 - ScoutLink Responsible Appointment Form
          Click Here

3.      All documents must be fully completed.  
         Once Completed, please return them all to

                                                            Sydney North Region Office
                                                             2 Elis Street
                                                            Chatswood NSW 2067

         Or scan and email to

4.       Once the application has been received, it will be checked and signed by the                           appropriate approvers, before being sent to State office for action.

5.        If you have not realy been police cleared, you will have to wait approx 6 weeks for                   that clearance to come trough.  Once State Office has approved you application,                       you will be required to attend aprox. 1 hour training session on how to use                                 ScoutLink.

6.        Once training has been completed, the Sate office will issue your password to                           the production system of ScoutLink.


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