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Photograph by Stewart Barrett/2nd Gordon Venturer Unit

Abseiling Coordinator
Daryl Osborne
Phone 9878 3028
Email   Daryl Osborne

Scout Abseil Coordinator
Scott Osborne
Phone 0431 185 040
Email   Scott Osborne

Workshops Dates
Bookings close 2 weeks before the event.

Workshop Fee
$50 to be included with your booking.

Booking Form (this is a booking form not the Application form) 206 KB

Application forms will be sent out prior to the event

Send your completed Booking form and payment to:
Sydney North Region Scouts
2 Ellis St
Chatswood NSW 2067

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this software is not already installed on your computer, download a free copy.

Information on Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competencies. More...



The Abseiling Team is responsible for running workshops for those who need an abseil qualification to participate in an activity and for those who would like to learn more about this adventure sport.

Who Can Do It?

Abseiling is available to all members of the movement in some form. For example, Cubs may abseil up to 8m, Scouts 15m, whilst Venturers, Rovers and Leaders are only restricted by skills and experience. Joeys may undertake simulated abseiling activities that do not involve a vertical drop..

When Can I Do This?

All year round, Meeting Nights, Day Trips, Weekends. The team runs a number of calendared Basic Abseiling and Abseil Leader training events each year, but are also happy to arrange alternate dates for your Pack, Troop, Unit or even Group Committee if the need arises.

How do I book into an Abseiling Workshop or Scout Session?

* Down load a Booking Form
* Fill in the details & send to Sydney North Region office as noted on the form.
* If applying for a Workshop include cheque to cover the workshop fees.
* For Scout Abseil Session – tick the ‘Other Activity’ box on the Booking Form and nominate the Scout Abseil Day you wish to attend at the line marked ‘Activity’.
* If unsure about any details or if you are eligible to attend the Workshop or Activity then contact the Activity Coordinator.
* To confirm if the workshop is still on and has space contact the Region Office.

Qualifications Required

Single Pitch Abseiling - Activity must be under the control of an Abseiling Guide or (where participants have a Level 1 Abseiling qualification) an Abseiling Level 2.

Multi-pitch Abseiling - Activity must be under the control of an Abseiling Guide.

Scout Abseiling

Abseil days for Scouts to complete their abseil badge at a cost of $15 per scout. If you have Scouts wanting to abseil, check the calendar for the dates of the Scout Abseil days and contact the Rockcraft Scout Liaison Co-ordinator to book on these dates.


The Abseil Team can train Venturers, Rovers and Leaders to levels - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and guide.

Level 1 Abseil Certificate

This workshop in abseiling is for complete beginners, and on completion, allows certificate holders to participate in other rock-based activities.

Basic Abseil Prerequisites
Have a verified log book detailing a mumimum 6 nights of camping including a minimum 2 nights of light weight hike style camping.

Level 2 Abseiler

Level 2 Abseilers are permitted to lead single pitch abseiling activities where all participants have a Level 1 Abseiler qualification. Part of the workshop involves helping at a Level 1 Abseil workshop.

Abseil Leader Prerequisites
Hold a current Level 1 Abseil qualification;
Hold a current HLTAID 001, 002 & 003
You must also assist on at least one Level 1 Abseiling workshop in a Leader role to complete the qualification.

Level 3 Abseiler

A Skills Check List is supplied and Assessment is scheduled as required.

Abseil Instructor Prerequisites
Have met the requirements for qualification as Abseil Leader, 1000m logged/documented abseils leading groups;
You must also assist on at least one Level 1 Abseiling workshop in a Leader role to complete the qualification. Hold a current HLTAID 001, 002 & 003.


Abseiling workshops cost $50 per participant. An equipment hire fee will apply for other abseiling activities where Region equipment is used.

Current Workshop Details & Downloads:-

Particpants will need to fill in a booking form and send to Region Office. Participants should download the all details below and follow the directions as per the participants letter to be sent to you to complete all the prerequisits prior to the first theory night.

Download a Booking Form

Location:- Main Location - Wahroonga Rocks  Location details download.

                   Alternate Location - Lindfield Rocks. Location details download.

Electronic Log Book Page:- Download Logbook.

Leave No Trace Documents:- Download Part 1.    Download Part 2.

Rock Activities Standard Operation Proceedure:- Download SOP.

Adventurous Activities Policy:- Download Policy.

E-Learning (Level 1 Common Core) :- Download Details.


Who Can Help Me?

Daryl Osborne 9878 3028.

2018 Calendar
 October Wednesday 17th October 2018Abseiling Workshop ABS18F - Level 1 (Basic)
Theory Night 1
Sunday 21st October 2018Scout Abseil Day - ASC18D
Bookings Close 29th September. Contact Scott Osborne for Further info
Wednesday 24th October 2018Abseiling Workshop ABS18F - Level 1 (Basic)
Theory Night 2
 November Sunday 4th November 2018Abseiling Workshop ABS18F - Level 1 (Basic)
Practical Day
Sunday 11th November 2018Scout Abseil Day - ASC18E
Bookings Close 20th October. Contact Scott Osborne for Further info