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Creating a web site for your Pack, Troop, Unit or Group

Web Site Hosting

Unfortunately Sydney North Region is unable to host web sites for Scout Groups or Formations. Currently NSW Scouts is unable to provide this facility either.

If you are looking for free hosting, you will generally need to accept advertising on your web site. To find a suitable free hosting provider, we recommend you search on Google.

Design & HTML

There are many easy ways to create a web site. You can learn HTML using one of the many free HTML tutorials available (again, try Google to search for free HTML lessons).

Or you can use a program to design the web page without ever touching a line of HTML. There are applications from Microsoft and Adobe that do a decent job, but we recommend Nvu which is open-source and free to download and use.

Concentrate on Content

One of the most common mistakes made by well intentioned scouting people wanting to make a web site for their Scout Group is getting carried away with the design and totally forgetting about the content.

What makes a great web site? It's not a fancy design or cute images. A great web site is only great because of its content. Concentrate on the content, not the design, and your web site will do well. A web site with a fancy design and no useful content is not really a web site.

What can you put on your web site? Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Information for members of the public on who to contact and how to join;
  • Term programs;
  • Information on upcoming activities;
  • Stories and information about past activities;
  • Photos from past activities;
  • History of your Group;
  • Links to neighbouring Groups and to Region, State and National Scouts web sites;


Remember, the internet is open for all to view. You need to consider the privacy of your members and their families. Be careful about what details you publish on the site, and also be careful about what photos you publish.

Regular Updates

Don't forget to keep your web site updated! There is nothing worse than a web site that starts out well but then gets neglected and then slowly stagnates because someone lost interest. If you're going to start a web site, you need to be in it for the long haul.

Links from the Sydney North Region web site

Only Group web sites are linked from the Sydney North Region web site home page.

Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit and Crew web sites are only linked from the home page for the relevant section.

To be linked from this web site, your web site must:
  • Be complete - not "under construction";

  • Be publicly accessible - no login required to access basic info about your Group. A members-only section of the site is ok, provided there is still basic information viewable by all;

If your Group web site is ready, send an email to the Webmaster to have your web site added.

Event calendar

Unfortunately the Region web site event calendar is not setup to display group-based events. The region calendar can only display region, state and national Scouting events. We recommend that you add your Group, Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit and Crew events to a calendar on your own Group web site.