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Australian Scout Medallion leadership Activity Application

Australian Scout Medallian Application

Australian Scout Medallion

The top award in the Scout Section is the Australian Scout Medallion which was introduced in 2003 to provide an additional challenge for our top Scouts. This Award brings together a number of key skills, or elements, learnt as a Scout into one project covering the initial planning right through to the final self assessment of a ‘project’.

There are there essential components to achieve this Award:

1.Participate in a Scout Leadership any time after completion of your Pioneer Badge

2.Been awarded an Adventurer Level Cord with specific reference to the Adventurer Level Journey

3.Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting through a Leadership Activity

What are the major aspects of this Award

A Scout Medallion Project ideally should work within at least two of the three Scouting Principles:
  1. Duty to one’s God
  2. Duty to others
  3. Duty to self
and utilise a series of skills or ‘elements’ contained in any worthwhile project, and finally be entirely under the management of the Scout.

The elements to be included are:
  • Planning - the what, how, who, when and where
  • Coordination - the identification of people, places and resources required
  • Delegation - the assignment of tasks to others, who will then be directed in the completion of the tasks
  • Allocation - the efficient collection, distribution and utilisation of resources needed to successfully complete the Project
  • Execution - the actual conduct and the performance of the Project
  • Assessment - the review of the Project in the form of a Log

How do I go about getting this underway?

Info can be found at Patrol Tent here

Am I eligable for this Award?

To be eligible for this prestigious Award, the following criteria must be met:
  1. You must be under 15 and still in the Scout Section until the Project Assessment is submitted to the Regional Commissioner – Scouts
  2. The Project can not be part of the Award Scheme
  3. You must have attended a Scout Leadership Course prior to the Award presentation
  4. You must have been awarded the Adventurer Level Cord prior to the Award presentation

What sort of project topics have been awarded so far?

Here are some examples of recent Projects:
  • Organised a Pack Holiday for the Cub Pack
  • Developed a maintenance program for the Group’s water craft and conducted a water safety course
  • Organised and conducted a PL familiarisation camp for potential PL’s and APL’s
  • Organised a formal Mothers Day Dinner for the mothers of the Group
  • Planned and conducted a Raft Race
  • Raised funds for a community organisation to be able to purchase needed equipment

Where will my Australian Scout Medallion be presented?

Because it is such a special award, it will usually be presented to you by the Branch Commissioner for Scouts at a place of significance to you. The Presentation will be coordinated between you and your Regional Commissioner for Scouts.

Who's invited to my presentation?

As this is a most special occasion, you can invite almost anyone you wish - discuss this with your Scout Leader - who will be planning the celebration side of your presentation.

Now it's up to you!

Check out the Sydney North Region Scout Medallion Honour Roll to see who's been there and done that....and get your project rolling!