Sydney North
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Programme by Judith McKernan,
Assistant Region Commissioner for Cub Scouts

"Christmas" Cub Programme

This programme is suitable for both December, and also for a "Christmas in July" programme.

Opening Parade

This would be omitted if the Cubs are in mufti.

Santa's Sleigh Ride

This is a relay game. Have a chimney at one end of hall (chair). Santa (Sixer) heads off up and around the chimney, returns and picks up a reindeer who hangs onto Santa around his/her waist, both go up and around the chimney. Continue by picking up another reindeer each time until the complete six has completed the circuit.

Build a Snowman

Requires plenty of newspaper, masking tape or similar, a carrot, a hat, scarf, something for eyes etc. Run it as a Six competition. Use newspaper and masking tape to build up the body of a snowman, add the carrot, etc. Then judge the best; for a prize have some red and green jellies.

Snowball Fight

Requires a quantity of snowballs - one half of a double piece of SMH newspaper scrunched into some pantyhose; tie 2 knots above the newspaper, cut between the 2, and continue filling the pantyhose up, with a knot over the last. Should get 6-8 snowballs per leg of pantyhose (depending on the holes!!).

There are many ways to run this - but have half Cubs on one side of hall and the other half on the other side of the hall. Give each side equal amounts of ammunition (snowballs), and then let them rip.


This is another relay race. Provide each Six with a pair of skates (pieces of cardboard). Each Cub to skate from one end and back, until each has had a turn. You will probably need a few spare "skates"!!



This requires a sack per Six (toboggan), some lengths of rope. This is another relay. Have the sacks at one end of the hall, with one piece of rope per Cub. On word GO, Sixer runs up and ties the first rope through a hole (pre-made) in the sack. Next Cub runs up and joins another rope onto the first using whatever knot they can do - probably a reef knot or sheet bend. This continues until all Cubs have tied a rope onto the previous one. Sixer then run back to sack (toboggan), and the rest of the Six pull him / her back to the start. Probably all Cubs would want a turn at having a ride. Continue until all Cubs have been pulled from one end to the other.

Christmas Carols and/or stories

(December Version)
Include some Christmas carols, or the poem 'All Through the Night, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...' and if you have Jewish children, have something about Hanukkah during evening as well.

Christmas Presents

(December version)
Previous week, ask the children to bring along a toy wrapped and labelled (girl 8 years or boy 9 years etc.) which they will place around a Christmas tree. These will be given to one of the many charities like Smith Family for needy families.

Open a Present

(probably the July version)
This would be a version of Pass-the-Parcel. Have a small chocolate wrapped. Then on each layer have a small question to be answered i.e. 'What colour was Rudolph's nose?' before that layer can be unwrapped.

Finish with a party.

Have some atmosphere in the hall with Christmas decorations. The children could have made some of these the week before.

The above is a selection of activities for a Christmas programme (final before the Christmas break), or for a Christmas-In-July programme, probably the last before the July holidays, or the first week back after the break.