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Playing "Throwing Stones"

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Playing "Fire Rescue"

Programme by Peter Buckley (Rama), ACSL Epping Scout Group, Burrawang Pack

"Home & Road Safety" Cub Programme


Talk about crossing the road safely, then move out to the road to demonstrate.

Fire Rescue

Equipment: 1 balloon/soft toy per six.
The Cubs form into their sixes at one end of the hall. The first person crawls to the other end of the hall then runs back to the end of their line. The next person continues the relay. Second time through, they rescue a child (a balloon/soft toy) by dragging it with them.

Throwing Stones

Equipment: Sheets of newspaper
The Cubs are divided into 2 teams. Each person is given 2 - 3 sheets of newspaper to screw up into balls. On the signal they are to throw the "stones" at the other team. Once they have run out of their own, they pick up stones around them and throw them back. After a minute, stop them and count how many are on each side. The team with the least stones left wins. Only throw one at a time.


Red Bicycle Badge: Parts and functions of Bicycles
Equipment: A bicycle
Ask questions about parts of a bicycle and instruct Cubs about how to care for a bicycle.

Safety Charades

The Cubs form into groups of 3. Each group has to act out an example of safety in the home, either from the "safe" or "unsafe" perspective.
  • tripping over things
  • fires
  • medicines and poisons
  • hot liquids