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Getting ready for "Washing Hands" game. Click for larger photograph

Playing "Barrels"
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Programme and photos by Murray Irwin, Epping Scout Group, Burrawang Pack

"First Aid" Cub Programme

Washing Hands

(variation on 26.1/2, Programmes for Cub Scout Leaders)
Equipment: 1 bucket of dirt/mud per team, 1 bucket of clean water per team, 1 towel per team or some paper towels
Cubs rub dirt or mud into hands then as a relay race to other end of driveway to wash it off, then dry hands on towel. Cubs may need to change water in washing bowls during game!

Find It Quickly

(25.2/2, Programmes for Cub Scout Leaders)
Equipment: lots of small items hidden outside hall
Leaders hide items during first game then cubs have to find them, when an item is found they return it to their lair.

Band Aid Relay

Equipment: two bandaids per cub
Each cub crawls through a row of three chairs, then when they get out they need to put a bandaid on each knee, then run back to the start.


Leaders ask Cubs if they know how to treat a bleeding nose, then correct mistakes and demonstrate the correct way.


Equipment: two barrels
Cubs form a circle and try to pull others to the centre to knock over the barrels