Sydney North
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AJ2001 Adventure Base
Photograph by AJ2001 Media Unit Photographers

Rockcraft Chairman
Wesley Leverton
Phone 9487 3721

Email    Wesley Leverton


Rockcraft team meeting dates 2018:-
* 12th February
* 30th April
* 2nd July
* 10th September
* 5th November


Are you up the challenge? Jump off a cliff the safe way, with the Region Abseiling Team! There are Scout Abseil days, training and much more! Don't miss the next challenge starting on

CANYONING TRIPS are towards the beginning and end of the year when the weather is warmer. Come along and enjoy some magic. More Information on canyon page.

Rock Climbing
If you like to live life on the edge, rock climbing is certainly one way to experience it. More...

Dark, dry,wet, small, walk, crawl, its Got it all! Want an underground adventure? then caving is for you!! Get on the next adventure at