Sydney North
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Programme by Murray Irwin,
1st Epping Cub Pack

"Horses" Cub Programme

Catch The Horses

Play in a large outside area eg. oval or park.
Equipment: Pieces of wool about 20cm long (one per cub to start & lots of spares).
Cubs tuck wool into belt at back, with most of it hanging down like a horse's tail. Object is to capture another horse's tail by pulling it free. All other tails captured must also be surrendered after capture. Captured horse can get another tail from a leader. Cub with the most tails wins.

Watering The Horses

Equipment: Paper cup half full of water for each cub.
Cubs in relay formation, each cub is given a paper cup half filled with water. In turn they race to a turning point, taking their cup with them. They then turn around, kneel, put the cup between their teeth, and with their hands behind their back, drink the water. As soon as the cup is empty they get up and race back to their six, and the next cub goes.

Horse and Jockey

Equipment: nil.
The Jockey has fallen from his horse! All other cubs form a circle with their arms out and touching the cub next to him. The Jockey must follow the horse around the circle or through it until he catches him. Then the hosre becomes a jockey and the old jockey swaps with another cub from the circle who becomes the new horse.

Feed the Horses