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Adventurer Cord Award Application Form 141KB

 Pre Journey and Log Check Sheet


The Scout Adventurer Level Cord Award

Ready for your Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey?

Are you at the point in your Award Scheme achievements when you are thinking about your Adventure Level Campcraft Journey – often referred to as the Green Cord Hike? Read on and see what its all about.

About the Journey

This specific aspect of the Award Scheme will test your bushcraft and leadership skills with an adventurous journey in an area where you have not previously been.

In the past the journey has tradionally been a bush walk, but there are many alternatives such as a canoe trip, bicycle ride, horse ride, to name a few. They offer just as much fun, excitement, and challenge as the bush walk.

The journey does not necessarily have to be the last section of the award scheme attempted. However, you should have all the skills necessary to attempt the journey as it is designed to test your ability to achieve at the Adventurer Level. The journey is to be organised with your Troop Leader, with guidance and supervision by your District Scout Leader. The Troop Council needs to approve your plans along with your District Scout Leader or designated Journey Advisor (appointed by the Regional Commissioner for Scouts).

The information below will help you get ready, outline the requirements, and offer general guidance for your journey. Click on a topic to read more...


Journey Patrol

Steps To Take

Journey Examples

Predicting Journey Times






Now it's up to you!

Check out the Sydney North Region Adventurer Cord Honour Roll to see who's been there and done that....and get your Journey happening!

Journey Logs