Sydney North
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Programme by Murray Irwin,
1st Epping Cub Pack

"Conservation" Cub Programme

7.00 - 7.10            Grand Howl
7.10 - 7.15Flag Parade
7.15 - 7.20Game - True / False
7.20 - 7.05Game - Number Tug-o-war
7.25 - 7.35Game - Bush Ball
7.35 - 7.55Quiz - Australian Animals
7.55 - 8.05Game - Bush Animals Relay
8.05 - 8.15Game - Cat & Mouse Trap
Game - Dodge the Comets (if time)
8.15 - 8.30Grand Howl, Flag Parade

True / False

Three walls referred to as "True", "False" and "Sometimes". Leader makes a statement which may be True, False or only Sometimes true. Cubs have to run to the appropriate wall. After a few goes, start eliminating last Cub(s). Use environmental type questions.

Bush Ball

Equipment: 2 Soccer balls
Cubs of each six line up behind one another, with pairs of sixes facing each other and 3 - 4 metres between the front Cubs of each Six. Cub 1 throws ball to opposite cub and squats down. Opposite Cub 1 throws ball to first team Cub 2 and squats down. Continue until all are squatting except last who calls "Ball" at which both teams leap up to the alert and game is over. Put smallest Cubs at the front of their Six (less distance to throw.)

Bush Animals Relay

Not really a race, but acting. Cubs are allocated as bush animals (eg in each six have a koala, a crocodile, etc). When an animal is called out by the leader, all those animals must act their part in going to the other end of the hall. Points awarded for acting.

Cat & Mouse Trap

One Six (the trap) forms a circle with hands over head level. One cub (the cat) stands looking away from the trap. The rest are "mice". Mice move in and out of the trap until cat calls "Snap" and swings around to see trap. At this point, "Trap" hands come down and mice caught inside become part of trap. Winner is the last "Mouse". Any mouse discovered not having been into the trap at least once every 15 seconds dies of starvation from getting no cheese and is out.

Number Tug-O-War

Each Cub in each Six given number. Two ropes in middle of room. On, for example, "Three!", all threes run out and attempt to pull their rope to their box, red against green and blue against yellow etc.

Dodge the Comets

Cubs run from one end of hall to the other, while (initially leaders) throw balls at them to tag them. Upon being tagged, Cubs join throwers.