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Roventure 2019: Time Travel
was proudly presented by
Mona Vale Rovers




Roventure 2019: Time Travel

Have you ever wondered how to time travel? The Venturers and Rovers at 2019's Sydney North Region “Time Travel” Roventure sure learned how!

Proudly presented by Mona Vale Rover Crew, with the 'companionship' of Forest Rovers and Wallumetta Scout Fellowship at their side, they managed to pull off a high accomplishment in science, having a good weekend despite the rain (memories of 2017!)

Over the weekend of February 22-24, nine ‘Crunits’ - combined teams of Venturers and Rovers - from around Sydney North arrived at Ingleside Environment Camp and walked through the portal of time into a world of technical problems. Teams were asked to build their very own time machine using boxes and tape... that they would then need to use to travel to every activity!

Saturday morning's round-robin activities included a Terminator-themed dress-up and swap challenge, a DeLorean-themed go-kart speed challenge, Morty's Time Blower skit stop and a fantastic Futurama-themed foam recovery pit! The Crunits also got the opportunity to learn a bit of decoding using sign language and to build their very own (toilet paper) dinosaur!

Other activities held over the weekend included jelly wrestling, a Gross Guzzle and Run challenge, time themed dance tent, a movie hall featuring time travel themed episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and Dr Who as well as Back to the Future and one of the Futurama movies. The ever-present crowd favourite was a huge hit - the water slide. Special thanks to Graham Madden from Brush Park for helping out the Roventure Team with that one!

Overall the weekend was a huge success with a turnout of over 100 people and we couldn't be happier that everyone came.

By the end of the weekend, scores were collated, and the winners announced – congratulations to Normanhurst Venturers and Rovers, followed by Gordon Venturers and Rovers, and then Kananga Rovers with Bayview and Brookvale/Curl-Curl Venturers.

Sydney North Rovers would like to congratulate Roventure Chief Patrick Redmond, and the rest of Mona Vale Rover Crew for all their efforts in organising a fantastic event.

We are looking forward to "Dungeons & Dragons" Roventure 2020. If your Unit or Crew didn't make it this year, don't miss Roventure on February 28 -March 1 next year, at Ingleside!



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