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Congratulations Ross Mackay

On the 24th November at 1st Lindfield, Ross was awarded his Australian Scout Medalion. At the presentation Ross talked about his his leadership activity and about the planning process. On the 12th October 2017 Mr Jonathan O'Dea in the Legislative Assembly comended Ross on his achevements.

Mr JONATHAN O'DEA ( Davidson ) ( 17:11 ): As it is Mental Health Month, I want to highlight the outstanding contributions towards better mental health made by individuals and community organisations in my electorate of Davidson. Way2Wellness is a new mental health assistance service established by Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury and the Sydney North Primary Health Network. Way2Wellness helps people know what to do by giving initial assessments, referrals to online support tools and follow-up call backs.

I commend Ross Mackay, a 14‑year‑old student who recently led his First Lindfield Scouts troop on a 250‑kilometre expedition on the Great North Walk from Sydney to Newcastle. Despite challenges on the way, they exceeded their $5,000 fundraising target for beyondblue, a non-profit organisation that aims to address issues of depression, anxiety disorders and related mental disorders. I recognise and thank all involved in these important efforts to improve mental health in our local community.

 Well done Ross!


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