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NSW State International Friendship Team


International Representatives for Sydney North Region

  • Jordan Hodgson
  • Tom Miles
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International Scouting

International Scouting involves relationships with other National Scout Organisations (NSO's) around the world.  These relationships entail international events and projects, the Scouts International Student Exchange (SISEP), Jamboree On The Air and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA/JOTI), and the Pen-Pal Programme.  International Scouting is also about developing Scouts' awareness of their place within the worldwide Movement.

The World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is split up into five regions, and Scouts Australia is one of 25 National Scout Organisations in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).  Scouts Australia has members actively involved in APR committees and sub-committees, and also helps developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region by providing support and specialist people and skills to assist them.

Projects include:

  • Sending trainers to a number of Asia-Pacific countries to help run training courses;
  • Supporting service projects in the Asia-Pacific Region and working with other NSO's to achieve a common goal for the Association; and
  • Scholarships for developing countries to assist youth members from those Associations to attend Australian events such as Jamborees, Ventures and Moots.

Scouts Australia has a team consisting of the International Commissioner, and a Branch International Commissioner in each Australian State and Territory.  Sydney North Region currently has two International Representatives on the NSW State International Friendship Team.

Further information relating to various aspects of International Scouting can be accessed via the links on the left-hand side navigation bar of this page.


Jordan Hodgson & Tom Miles
International Representatives
Sydney North Region


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