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Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey

Journey Log

Your Journey Log is the record of your Journey experience. No matter what you write or how you prepare it, it's the memories that will last!

To record your Journey is part of the Award and the following information is provided to help you structure your Log. When you read through the following information, make a note of the required information.

Layout Guidelines

First Page

On this page you need to say where your journey started and finished, the dates of the journey, your name and Troop.

Journey Plan

A good plan is an essential component to the success of the Journey. Include
  • a list of the Maps and other resource material used to plan the trip
  • the start and finish details
  • planned camp sites
  • your evaluation of the journey times and route to be taken
  • a list of those going with you on your Journey

Gear List

Record the patrol equipment and personal equipment to be taken on the Journey.

Food List and Menu Plan

List the food items purchased for your Journey, costs and volumes. Then write up your menu plan for each meal.

Weight Assessment

Record the body weight and pack weight of all members of your Patrol.

Emergency and Contingency Plans - Required

Document clearly the emergency and contingency plans you have made provision for.


This is the place to record the information from your hand made notes taken during the Journey. You should show, day by day, the time, general direction to be taken next, the distance planned and actually taken, any key map references, and notes of what you observed, experienced, etc, on that specific segment. Include also a comparison against your 'Journey Plan'.

Hike Assessment

Make note here of your over all impression of the Journey, an assessment of each of your Patrol members as to how they went - including how they helped /hindered your Journey over all during the Journey.

Application for Adventurer Level Cord and Certificate

This form, together with the Pre-Journey and Log Check Sheet, needs to be included with your Log


While not an essential part of a log, they do tell a thousand words!


Anything else you consider worthwhile recording.....


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