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Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey


Sydney North has four Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) available for hire by Scouts in our Region. They are an excellent safety measure when undertaking a journey whether it on land, water or snow.

For your Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey it is mandatory that you take an EPIRB with you, no exceptions, and that you understand what it is for and when to use it.

What is the hire cost and who do I contact?

Contact Region Office during normal office hours, 02 9411 4088. The cost is $20 dollars for a weekend hire and $40 for four days.

Should there be no EPRIBs available at Region Office, contact the Regional Commissioner for Scouts.

When should an EPRIB be activated?

Your must be aware that an EPIRB should only be activated in the direst of circumstances, for example:
  • Severe accident, injury or illness to a member of the patrol
  • Party becomes hopelessly lost and all attempts to find a way out has been unsuccessful
Once activated, they can not be de-activated.

When should an EPRIB be NOT be activated?

  • The weather turns bad – put on your raincoat and take shelter, or decide to take an emergency route out, or return to the journey start point.
  • It is getting dark – make a decision as to whether you can get out before night, if not setup camp in a good spot and walk out in the morning.
  • Patrol members are tired – rest for a while, then manage the Patrol so the strongest take a greater share of the load.
  • You are temporarily missed placed – sit down, have a good look around for noticeable features, then look at your map and work out where you think you might be, re-check your assumptions. Then work out a logical plan to find your way to a known location.

What happens when an EPIRB is activated?

Activating an EPRIB sends out a signal that will be picked up by passing aircraft and relayed to the Emergency Services Centre in Canberra. They in turn set in motion the appropriate rescue services (police, ambulance, helicopters etc) to locate the beacon and undertake any rescue or retrieval action.

Consequently EPIRBs should be treated with the utmost respect – their incorrect or inadvertent use will result in unnecessary call-out personnel at substantial cost to the community.

After activation

The EPRIB must then be sent to Victoria for re-charging and your Group will be billed for the re-charge cost – around $80-$100 dollars.


If an EPIRBs is lost, the replacement cost, currently around $200 dollars, will be billed to your Group.

The final word on EPIRBs

While taking an EPRIB is an excellent safety measure, they are not a substitute for good planning, good meals, good leadership, and for carrying the right equipment.


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