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Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey


Be aware that new maps being produced by the Land Information Centre are on a new grid system.

Its is not something you would immediately notice, and the grid looks the same, but has moved slightly, so grid references from old maps can be up to 200 metres different on the new system (see example to the left).

The old grid system was fine for Australia, but references had to be adjusted if you were using a GPS, which it works on an international system. The new grid system is fully compatible with GPS readings, requiring no conversion. So you can think about the change as catch-up with satellite technology.

GDA Logo You can tell the new maps by a logo on the front (pictured right) that says ‘GDA’ (the new coding system). They are the same price as the old maps, but have a lot more information. They also have the words ‘New Series’ in the top right corner of the cover when folded.

One most useful addition is a satellite photograph of the map on the reverse side, with a full grid. The new maps are being progressively introduced as new editions of the maps are released. They cost about the same as the earlier editions.

What you should do?
  • Make sure you know what versions of maps your Scouts are using on hikes and make sure you and the home Leaders have the same map available in case it is needed.
  • Be particularly careful where activities run over two maps because if the two maps are different editions, the edges may not match up.
  • Double check any grid references against the current map that the Scouts are using.

This example uses the Katoomba maps pictured below. Shown is a section of the new and old maps and marked on the same grid reference.

On the old AGD map, the reference 512636 is almost 200 metres to the northeast of where it is on the other map. On the new GDA map, the reference 512636 is right on the point of the track below the Three Sisters. This could make a big difference in a rescue operation!

If you are using a GPS - remember to set the Map Datum to the right one for the map type being used.


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