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2 Weeks Lead Time
Unfortunately it is not always possible to publish your article as soon as we would like to.

Therefore we ask that you allow up to two weeks for your article to be published.

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Contribute to this web site

  • Reports and stories regarding Scouting activities;
  • Photos of Scouting activities;
  • Program ideas;
  • Information on significant upcoming events;
  • News and other information relevant to Scouting in Sydney North Region.

Articles & Stories

We will gratefully accept an original written piece for inclusion on this site, regardless of length.

Written submissions should be emailed in plain text format. Or if you know basic HTML, you can use the template below.

Be sure to include the full name and section/group of the author of the information.


When submitting photographs, please be sure to include the full name of the photographer, and ensure that the photographer agrees to have his or her photographs used on this Web site.

Photographs submitted with an article must be in JPG format.

Photographs for use on general pages around the site are also welcome. Ideally images submitted for this purpose will be correctly exposed, and show some form of interest, for example people's faces or an action shot.

If you know basic HTML...

Below is the basic template for pages on this website. It excludes the header and footer which are inserted dynamically.

Using this HTML template will help us to get your article online as quickly as possible.

Copy and paste the HTML below into a text editor such as Notedpad, then insert your article following the instructions within the HTML, then save the file as an HTML file and email as an attachment.

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