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Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey

Journey Patrol

Identifying your ‘journey patrol’ is an early important step. Your patrol will be with you on the journey and you will be responsible for guiding them through to the finish point – happy and safe!

Make a list of the Scouts you would like to share this experience with, let them know the type of journey you plan, where you plan your journey to travel between, and ask them if they would like to come with you.

When choosing members of your Journey Patrol, select members who have not already done their own Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey. There will be other Scouts who would like to participate with your on this activity, and lookup to you for your experience and guidance. Remember the objective is that you lead your Patrol throughout the experience rather than have someone else more experienced lead it for you - knowingly or unknowingly.

Remember to check:
  • they have not been on the specific journey you are going to take before – in whole or in part
  • they are fit enough to complete the journey you have planned
  • they have not lead an Adventurer Level Journey themselves
  • they are available to come with you at the time you plan your journey to take place

Important: The minimum number of Scouts who can go on the journey is five - including you. Journeys with less that five Scouts will not be approved.


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