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Adventurer Level Campcraft Journey


The requirements for the Journey as per the Award Scheme (ref “The Scout Record Book”) are:

“Plan and undertake a hike of at least 30km with at least four other Scouts into unfamiliar terrain requiring two nights out-of–doors. Use lightweight equipment and foods as far as practicable. The hike must be monitored by an Adult Leader so as to ensure the safety of all the Scouts. All government and Branch rules and regulations must be complied with. Canoes or bicycles may be used but the distance covered should increase accordingly. If canoes or bicycles are used the team should be self sufficient, as with hikes, and carry all items required for the journey. Report your experience through the use of an illustrated log.”

For the purposes of explanation and clarity the NSW Branch Mindari has determined that “monitoring by an Adult Leader” will be defined as:

“Not participating in the journey, but either making arrangements for progress to be reported at various stages by a third party (eg. farmer or NPWS staff), tracking the party from a distance, (not in contact) or meeting the party at various prearranged locations and times.”

If a journey by canoe or bike is planned, the distance covered should be estimated on the basis that at least 12 hours travelling time extended over three days is required to complete the journey.

The Journey must be completed and the Journey Log submitted to the Regional Commissioner for Scouts by your 15th birthday to be eligable for the Award.


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