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 Gang Show Cast 2017

2016 Gang Show

2016 Gamg Show

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Hornsby Gang Show 2017


Hornsby Gang Show 2017 – Join us for the ‘Ride of Your Life’

Be Prepared for the Ride of Your Life! when you come along to see Hornsby Gang Show in 2017. A new show is written, the cast are rehearsing and the orchestra is practicing so now it is time for you to get your group together to book tickets.

This year’s show is full of crazy sketches, epic music and great dance moves - a show that will surely entertain audiences of all ages. When you mix bees, ninjas, amusement parks and zombies together anything can happen!

Come along and support the over 100 local Sydney North Region Scouts and Guides as they sing and dance and make you laugh a lot. Maybe you saw some of them at Cuboree this year!

The 2017 season runs for 8 shows from Friday 30 June until Saturday 8 July. It is a great way to start the school holidays. There are 2 shows on each Saturday with one being a matinee (starting at 2pm). The matinees are so popular that we now offer a Sunday matinee, which has a later starting time of 3pm. Last year 6 shows were sold out, so make sure you get in quickly for the best seats.

The show is easy to get to, right in the heart of Hornsby with performances held at Barker College, in the Leslie Hall There is plenty of parking and not far from train stations.


Go to the Gang Show website www.gangshow.comfor more information and to book.


Tickets are Adult $22.00, Child (Under 16 years) - $12.00, Concession $17.00, Family (2 adult & 2 child) - $60.00.


You’ll need to hold on tight to your seats as this year’s Hornsby Gang Show is so much fun you will be rolling with laughter as we take you on the Ride of Your Life!


What to do.

Put these dates in your planning calendar for Sydney North Region's performing arts activity for Scouts and Guides – Hornsby Gang Show 2017. Plan a night for your troop to attend together.

For information and to book tickets go to

Show dates

Evening Shows:

Friday                    30 June - 8pm

Saturday                  1   July  - 8pm

Wednesday             5   July  - 8pm

Friday                       7   July-   8pm

Saturday                  8   July -  8pm



Saturday                  1   July - 2pm

Sunday                     2   July - 3pm

Saturday                  8   July - 2pm


Backstage Tours:

Before each matinee show Backstage Tours are available for all Scout and Guide members accompanied by a registered leader as part of their section programme.

Tours start at 12.30pm on Saturdays and 1.30pm on Sunday.


Troop visit:

Emails informing you how to arrange a troop visit have been sent. Members of the cast can be booked to come along to your troop and run a stagecraft session. Book early on visits@gangshow.comas they are very popular.


Postcards and Posters:

In a few weeks leaders will receive a package in the mail containing posters and postcards to hand out.

Join in the support crew:

Have you ever been interested in working back stage or in a technical department for theatre sound and lighting? Applications are still open. You need to be over 15 years old.

Come along and have a truly fun night and support the Scouts and Guides in the region.


General Information

Hornsby Gang Show brings out the hidden talents of so many young Scouts and Guides and creates opportunities for the development of confidence, leadership and imagination. Each year new cast members and crew join in …. some nervous…. some already full of passion and creativity. Many come back each year and take up new roles, expand their experiences and become better leaders. 

Hornsby Gang creates opportunities for everyone to:

·         learn how to be part of a large team,

·         be leaders

·         learn new technical, production, script writing, choreography, dance, music and acting skills. 

This creativity ensures we can create a brilliant new show every year.

Hornsby Gang Show has trained hundreds of Scouts and Guides in more than the aspects of stagecraft since its inception in the 1970’s. Gang Show develops the confidence and self-esteem of young people as well as leadership and creativity as they work together to develop and deliver over a week of performances every July. Whether they are on stage, working behind the scenes or developing the show, everyone is an integral part of this amazing team. There are over 100 members in the cast and over 200 crew behind the scene in support departments including production, technical, back stage, set design, catering, wardrobe, personnel and management.

Each year Hornsby Gang Show brings together members of scouting and guiding of all ages and from across the region to provide music, comedy and dance to the whole community. From February, until the performances in the July school holidays, they rehearse and learn new sketches, songs, routines and dances. The material in the show is a result of group of scouting and guiding members who meet each year as a Creative Team, from August until January to write music, songs and items, arrange the music, design a show and choreograph the movement and dance.

The “behind the scenes’ teams start meeting in February as well - constructing, planning and marketing the show. Some roles need experience but often this is a great opportunity to learn stage management lighting, sound and prop building skills

Who can be involved?

Hornsby Gang Show is open to all members of Sydney North Region Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders and guides of corresponding ages. To be a cast member you must be at least 11 years of age by opening night (early July) of the performance year and be a registered, active member of your scout or guide section. The cast, who all have to be current active members in scouting and guiding are required to be fully involved in their local activities as well as attending rehearsals every week. Scouting and guiding activities take priority.

Support Departments are open to all members of the Scout Movement and Guide Associations, as well as family and friends.

How to get involved?

To be in the cast, orchestra or a support department, please visit or email for more information.

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