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Programme by Murray Irwin,
1st Epping Cub Pack

"Know Your District" Cub Programme

Time Activity Equipment
7.00             Inspection
7.05 Grand Howl, Flag Parade
7.15 Game - Trip to Australia Chairs & boxes for obstacles
7.25 Game - Raise the flag None
7.35 Activity - Draw maps of district      Paper & pens
8.00 Activity - Write letter home Paper & pens
8.15 Game - Countries Balloons
8.25 Grand Howl, Flag Parade

Trip to Australia

Sail (run) from England to Australia, dodging rocks on the way.

Raise the flag

After landing in Australia we need to raise our flag, so cubs sit back to back with arms folded, then stand up using only their feet and pushing on each other.


A number of countries are written on the side of balloons and each cub is numbered 1 to 6 in each six, when a number is called with a country the four cubs with that number run to the balloons and look for the right country.
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